Built with Love ❤️ and #NUTS 🌰 on Elrond Blockhain


🎮 is a decentralized betting platform powered by MultiversX Network. Unlike traditional casinos that operate in black boxes, ElrondBet runs on smart contracts that are fair, transparent, and, immutable.
With 🌰 $NUTS as the primary ⛽ fuel of the dApp, our main target is to develop the largest and most rewarding gaming platform built on the MultiversX Network.
🔑 The key is our continuous work and learning, which results in a fast, engaging, secure, and entertaining gaming experience.
🚀 The platform provides a low-cost and fast gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core games and blockchain mechanics. Every bet comes with a fee, distributed to all VIP Cards NFT holders as a special reward.

The Platform:

The principle of smart contracts is to allow users to play casino games with their tokens on the MultiversX blockchain.
Currently, our users have the possibility to play Card Flip, Token Flip, RPS, 1 vs 1, Blackjack, and many other games that will come soon directly on-chain. This ensures the total transparency and fairness of the platform.


Last modified 2mo ago