☂️NFT Insurance

Risk-free Investment

To demonstrate our seriousness and long-term commitment, we have created this new concept that offers a risk-free investment for the MEMEverce VIP Cards NFT minters.

If the NFT Floor Price falls below the Mint Price after 1 Year (17.06.2023) and the Total staking rewards did not exceded 250 EGLD, the minter will have the possibility to Claim back the EGLD paid to mint the NFT. ( 0.5 EGLD Whitelisted Mint / 0.7 EGLD Public Mint )

How we'll make this possible?

To secure the risk-free investment concept, 10% of the total royalties + 2% of the total betting fees will go into the NUTS Treasury portfolio which will bear all the refunds for the eligible addresses that have chosen not to sell their NFTs during that 1 year period.

Treasury Wallet Addresses: We keep the project treasury in the game's liquidity.

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Refund Eligibility Conditions:

  • ⚠️ NFTs bought from the NFT marketplaces are not insured.

  • ⚠️ Only the Minters are eligible for the NFT Insurance program.

  • ⚠️ NFT has never been Staked to farm EGLD

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