🌰NUTS Roulette

🎰 Game Mechanics:

  • Each bullet carries a 1 in 6 chance of winning.

  • The cost per bullet is 25k NUTS + 0.02 EGLD.

  • For every bullet, 5% of the NUTS used are burned, and 5% are sent to the treasury.

  • If there is a referrer, he receives 1% of both NUTS and EGLD used, at no additional cost to the player; after deductions, 90% of the NUTS remain in the contract.

  • 50% of the EGLD goes to a special super jackpot, while the other 50% is sent to the treasury.

💸 Discounts and Special Offers:

  • Purchasing six bullets together results in a 50% discount on the sixth bullet, costing only 0.11 EGLD instead of the standard 0.12 EGLD.

  • If the jackpot is less than 150k NUTS (25k NUTS multiplied by 6 bullets), the cost per bullet is halved to 0.01 EGLD, maintaining the same total cost for six bullets as for five bullets (0.05 EGLD).

🎉 Jackpot Allocation:

  • JACKPOT: 25% of all NUTS in the contract.

  • NEXT GEN JACKPOT: 30% of all NUTS in the contract.

  • SUPER JACKPOT: 35% of all NUTS in the contract.

  • The remaining NUTS stay in the contract for further reward distribution.

🎁 Special Jackpots:

  • Exclusive to players using six bullets and optionally sending the appropriate NFT.

  • Each jackpot type has a chance to win a special prize:

    • JACKPOT: Starts with a 10% chance of winning a Squirrel NFT.

    • NEXT GEN JACKPOT: Starts with a 20% chance of winning a Next Gen Squirrel NFT.

    • SUPER JACKPOT: Starts with a 30% chance of winning accumulated EGLD rewards.

  • Special chance increases by 10% if not won and by 1% for every bullet made. It resets when any special jackpot is won.

🚀 Summary:

In summary, this game offers players an exciting and engaging opportunity to participate in a lottery-style system with various jackpot options and chances to win special prizes. With clear rules and transparent mechanics, it provides an entertaining experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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